This psychiatrist is the most exceptional doctor I could ever find. Believe me, I have seen several in the Boulder area who have done more harm than good. Dr. Zona is caring, compassionate, and he is literally a genius with meds. He has pulled me out of psychosis when I thought all hope was lost. I’m so lucky to have found him and I promise you that if you take a chance on him, it will be worth it. He is the best doctor you will find.

Current Patient

I have been seeing Dr. Zona since 11/2012. He is professional, compassionate and very experienced. In 02/2016 I began having chronic migraines. After many visits to neurologists, I was still having an average of 20+ days of debilitating migraines. The migraines caused me to become very depressed which led me to feel hopeless. He introduced Ketamine to me and we began treatments in his office in 12/2016. The depression is gone and the migraines are few and far between. I have my life back! 

Current Patient

August 22, 2017

Our daughter has been a patient of Dr. Brodrick’s for the last 8 weeks. We have been so pleased with her treatment plan and her progress. After nearly 15 years of addiction issues due to undiagnosed mental illness we have our daughter back! In her own words she is happy & loves her life.

Current Patient's Mother

September 13, 2018

My son, Steve has been seeing Dr. Zona since 2013. My son was quite catatonic. My son’s life was saved with the right medication and therapy by Dr. Zona.

Happy Father

May 14, 2018 

After two years of doctor appointments, labs, colonoscopy, upper GI, etc. my sister and I were at a total loss regarding our mother’s health. She was in her mid 80’s, suffered from pains in her back and chest, stomach upset with belching, very negative bad mood. (She was normally very sweet and kind). She was in the hospital twice thinking it was a heart attack, but her heart was thoroughly checked both times and it was healthy. We changed her primary care physician to one with geriatric experience. After his thoroughly examining her records and running more tests, he thought the problem was with two of the drugs she was taking. He said she needed to see a Psychiatrist and review her condition and those drugs with him. After recommending Dr. Zona, we set up an appointment. Dr. Zona made adjustments to her medications and within seven days, she was like our sweet and kind mom again. Dr. Zona was thorough in reviewing her medications at all her appointments with him, including vitamins, minerals, and OTC drugs she was taking. He worked closely with her primary care doctor. He made recommendations such as stretching and getting small doses of sun shine regularly that would help her feel even better — and the recommendations worked. Mom said she hadn’t felt this good in years and was extremely happy with Dr. Zona. My entire family could see the significant difference in Mom and couldn’t have been more pleased.

Patient's Daughter

October 20, 2018

Dr Zona initially became our adult son’s psychiatrist after he experienced a traumatic brain injury and 2 subsequent brain surgeries almost 4 years ago. Dr. Zona has worked with him through his substance abuse issues and mental illness diagnosis. He has been there through times when our son was in other residential treatment facilities, even out of the state, and always willing to consult with those treatment program professionals taking the time to share information about past history, medications and treatment.  Dr. Zona has been the only common thread to get our son the medical help he needs. There has never been a question that he would not be there for us as parents when we need to consult him about what to do.  I can’t imagine going through this without him – his advise, professional care, compassion and a calm and honest way of talking and discussing the challenges, yet an ever optimistic attitude that things can change to normality through step-by-step moves toward stability in medication, housing and work.  

Parents of Current Patient

Nurse Kymberly left a kind text for me today regarding missing Mom and Mother’s Day. It was very sweet of her.  I needed to take the time to say thanks through this letter.  Even though I didn’t mention Nurse Kymberly in the recommendation, she played an important role in Mom feeling warmth and comfort.  Nurse Kymberly also made sure Mom’s prescriptions were filled — as you know we had problems with the pharmacy on occasion.

Patient's Daughter

August 8, 2018

Dr. Zona helped my son get through an incredibly hard time, and completely changed our family’s life. He is the one to go to for heroin addiction.

Parent of Current Patient

August 16, 2017

Dr. Zona is focused on the totality of circumstances. He is professional, honest, and committed to my overall mental health, physical health and general wellbeing. His approach is definitely not “one size fits all”. Dr. Zona’s treatment plans are customized and he is up-to-date with cutting edge psychopharmacology. I know how difficult it can be to find a good psychiatrist. Dr. Z is better than good, he is an excellent physician and exceptional psychiatrist. 

Current Patient

December 10, 2018

I wanted to thank Dr. Zona and the team for all the kindness and help you have given our son. He has matured immensely under the guidance of Dr. Zona and Dr. Dvorak. We would have liked him to stay on the injections and also stay with the therapy but he had his own opinions of what he wanted to do. I was happy he agreed to stay with Dr. Dvorak – it took a lot of conversation to get him to agree. Finger crossed, he stays the course. He is a wonderful young man and we want the best for him.

I wish the team a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Again, thank you for taking such good care of our son.

Happy Parents

December 20, 2018

…He starts school on Jan 14 and has been working with the college the last couple of days picking out classes, etc. It’s great to see him get excited about this new venture. 

We would not be in this place if it was not for Dr. Zona and the team. We cannot express our apprecation of how well you have taken care of our son.

Happy Parents

December 24, 2018


From our family to yours, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You truly are a blessing, an angel sent from heaven for our son & family. What the world needs now is more people like you.

Happy Parents of Current Patient

December 2018

Dear Nurse Kymberly and Advanced Medical Group Staff,

Thank you for all your help and kindness of the past year, and for making me feel well taken care of. You always go above & beyond in helping make me continue to get well.

May the coming New Year, 2019, be an excellent year for each of you, with good health and grand travels. I am grateful to you!

Current Patient

January 11, 2019

It’s refreshing for my son to get the wonderful care he is receiving from your office staff. We are especially grateful for Nurse Kymberly who’s been so gracious to us. Thank you!

Current Patient's Parent

January 2019

Dear Dr. Zona,

I lack the words to express how grateful I am to you for all your help & kindness this past year.

You went above & beyond, helping me to feel better, well beyond what I expected.

May the new year be the best for you & your family, with excellent health, grand adventures, & good times spent with your family, HAPPY 2019.

Current Patient

Dr. Zona,

Thank you for being so kind and gracious. Your caring spirit and warm heart lead to a wedding that was so wonderful that mere words may not express our true gratitude. You truly are spectacular. 

Warm wishes,

Former Patient 2013

March 2019

No one wants to have to go through detox. When faced with the likelihood of spending days, or longer, in a facility to do so, I pictured a cold, bleak hospital, and me, just another addict they’re trying to clean up. Then I found Dr Zona. The time he and his nurse, Kymberly, spent with me, the personal attention, was quite the opposite of what I expected. 

I had my own space that was super comfortable, with soft, daily-freshly laundered blankets to curl up in when I was feeling so miserable those first few days. They even provided lunch.  Kymberly was very kind and patient and made me feel at home; Dr Z, an experienced psychiatrist, was also very kind and very professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone facing detox.
Current Patient

August 2019

Dr. Zona quite literally helped to save my life. I came to him in the grips of dark depression. He not only got me in to see him right away, but he also carefully listened and took the extra time to do so.

I had done research on ketamine use for depression and learned Dr. Zona was among the first practitioners in the state offer this treatment. After several sessions and a number of thoughtful, in depth conversations with Dr. Zona, I am relieved to say that I am stable again. I am back on solid ground and feel incredible support with Dr. Zona and his entire staff in my corner.

Dr. Zona is perceptive, compassionate and intelligent. He’ll go ten extra miles for you if you if that’s what the situation requires. Dr. Zona clearly cares about his patients and I am truly grateful for his guidance.

Current Patient